Love Flowers? Same here! At Badlands + Co we want to share what we know with you. Why? Because we can.

Whether it's to learn how to create weekly flowers for your home, a little side hobby or if your thinking of venturing out into the world of blooms, these classes are for you!

Enquire now to see what how we can help you become the best Petal pusher in town. 


|| Industry 101 ||

So you want to get into the flower biz?

Sometimes you just cant be in class 9 - 3 each day. We get it..

We can tailor floristry lessons according to your schedule, time frame, and needs.

We will use the best blooms, actual techniques used on the job + feed you all the relevant + Essential info needed when setting up weddings and events. These lessons are perfect for someone wanting to get a foot in the door. 

*Price available on request