The wedding of the year!

So! After the most stressful, exciting, nerve racking, full on and fun week being back home in New Zealand, I can finally say, I did it!! Yes Aishleen and Daniel tied the knot last Saturday the 2nd February and It couldn't have been any more beautiful (if I don't say so myself).

So where to begin..

I arrived back home last Tuesday and my good friend Kerryn picked me up from the airport. After a classic kiwi BBQ with all my friends, a day at Piha beach (where we found the cutest bunny tails), it was time for me to get into work mode and start planning my bestie's wedding!!

A 5.30 am start at Turners flower auction on Wednesday got me going! As the wedding wasn't until Saturday I only brought what would last but couldn't resist the beautiful white hydrangeas that I knew would be ALOT more pricey come Friday auction, so I snapped them up!!

20130205-165717.jpg Beautiful foliage I used as a filler for the table arrangements and bridal bouquets

20130205-165823.jpg I love straw flower! It's so lasting I used it with the garlands that I hung

20130205-165929.jpg Yummy hydrangeas!

I was so lucky to have so much help given to me! When I first took on this wedding Aish kept offering friends and family members for help and I would just say "nah it's easy I got this girl". Well thank god for the help cause I really needed it! A bit ambitious I think I was, first wedding and all!

On Thursday my lovely nanna Shirley and bestie Kerryn helped me thread, and thread, and thread! Luckily Dad's neighbour had a beautiful massive magnolia tree in her back yard that we raided to make the garlands (free foliage!!)

20130205-170431.jpg One of MANY boxes/bags of magnolia leaves

20130205-170651.jpg Kerryn working away...

20130205-170737.jpg The start..

Then came Friday... And it was full on!! 5am start, a huge auction at UFC (thanks hanny!!) a trip out to Silverdale for the most stunning dahlias I've ever seen! (Thanks Bex!) and a stop in at my old work place, Roses florist where I got some much needed words of encouragement!

So back at the garage, where grandad had kindly built a work bench for me! Kerryn, Bex, Nanna and Laura got threading and I got creating! And then, it was midnight.

20130205-171450.jpg Market time!

20130205-171535.jpg A very full Demio!

20130205-171631.jpg Our fancy set up!

20130205-171742.jpg Yummy blooms

20130205-171840.jpg What a score! Thanks Aish and Kerryn for trolling the streets for these bad boys!

20130205-171947.jpg One lucky bride!




Aishleen's bridal posy

20130205-173000.jpg Bridal posies ready for action!

20130205-173130.jpg Bunny tail buttonholes! Too cute


Garlands Galore!


Bridal table feat. Aishleen's custom made backdrop!






And done!! Will post the professional photos as soon as I get them, have already had a sneak peak and they are looking beaut!

One again, thank you to everyone who helped me out, I actually wouldn't have done it without you all! To Kerryn, Nanna, Grandad, Dad, Mum, Aish, the girls at Roses florist, Dahlia Haven for giving me the most beautiful dahlias in the whole wide world! To all the groomsmen, cousins, and friends who helped set up on the day, and anyone else who lent a helping hand, THANK YOU!!!!