A Few Of My Faves...


So at the minute, these are all my favourite blooms!

I've never had a "favourite" flower. I have too many! Each season brings a whole new batch of yumminess and it still gets me excited and inspired, nearly 10 years in!

Whats your favourite bloom?


Zinia: Full of bright "pops" of colour and last surprisingly well!


Fishbone Fern: Slightly tropical and great for bit of texture


Veronica: So wild and pretty, love to use this one in bridal bouquets, adds something a little "extra".


Sedum: Such a soft bloom with great texture, looks amazing in anything bridal and complements grey foliages beautifully.


Lisianthus: Another one for the brides! so soft and elegant, looks gorgeous paired with a David Austin


Strawberry Flower: Almost paper like, this is such a sweet flower and looks cute in jam jars. Will last & last!