Slightly off the topic of flowers, but this is important to me and I want to share it with the blog world!

So yes, it's true, I have quit sugar. I'm done with that sweet stuff and am loving it! (one day in....)

So it all started about a month ago... every day I would walk past the cutest book store on Hight street in Armadale and I kept seeing this book so boldly called "I QUIT SUGAR" (by Sarah Wilson) just sitting in the window. And it really stood out to me. The first few times I saw it I would think to myself  - "ha! yeah right, its impossible". Then after a while I would remember the book in the window and think - "well it's probably possible, but I bet its expensive". Then all of a sudden I just flipped and thought "I'm doing it!"

So after trolling through all 108 recipes, stocking up some essential items, and trying to fit in every last possible treat I can, I have started my eight week detox programme. I'm actually really excited about it. (To be honest, I have spent a fair few pennies on some ingredients, but these are things that last such as coconut oil, vanilla extract, cacao powder, so I feel in the long run its all worth it.)

It's actually surprising how much delicious stuff can be made without sugar! I got into it today and did some baking! I made sweet biscuits, granola, and bliss balls. I have pumpkin puree in sealed bags in the freezer, coconut oil in the pantry, berry smoothies in jars freeing for dessert and am about to try chocolate peanut butter hot cocoa for my end of night treat!

So, watch this space! Im hoping I can stick with it, not just for the eight weeks but as a lifestyle. Wish me luck! x

From top right across: Sweet Biscuits, Granola, Chopped Walnuts and Bliss Balls

Granola for on the run!