Pinterest Picks #2

Heres a look at what I'm loving this week! Pinterest is such an amazing tool to get inspiration and see what's current not only in flowers but EVERYTHING. If your not on it, get on it! 

Enjoy x  








Last month was a good month!

I was lucky enough to be involved with Finders Keepers Market held at the Royal Exhibition building in Melbourne, and I loved it! 

This market is seriously cool! Its full of awesome designers, foodies, artists and all around creatives. I was put in the Farmers Market Lane which was great because on one side of me I had some delicious australian made tea and to the other, YUMMY chocolates! 

Bump in was so much fun. I had a good friend helping me and we had a blast. It was so cool to set up a space that was all mine, exactly the way I wanted it. I've never wanted to have a shop but I must admit, it was fun to have a shop front that was ALL MINE! 

Im very fortunate to have some awesome friends who support me so I had a lot of visitors! Getting a chance to chat to people about their love of flowers or their up in coming wedding was an experience in itself.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported me and brought my flowers, plants, and just had a good old chat! To my boyfriend who helped me on the Friday night and to bump out, and to the folks from the Finders Keepers Market for letting me be a part of his amazing market. Im looking forward to the next!


A few of my favourite things...


Just a short but sweet post on a few bits and pieces that I am LOVING at the moment. Enjoy and share around if you wish!


blog2 copy

ONE: My lovely turquoise teapot set from T2. This was gifted to me from a good friend on my first birthday in Melbourne. I had few friends and was working all day and we put our snips and flowers down for an hour and had a lovely cake and tea. From here my tea obsession started and now I love it!

TWO: My cute mason jars with a metal holder from Matchbox. These also came with lids that have a hole in the top that fit a re-usable straw. These are ideal for smoothies and juices. I make one each night before bed when I have a really early market start. Yum!


THREE: The wonderful book "The Language of Flowers: A Miscellany" by Mandy Kirkby. This particular copy was purchased by a lovely bookstore in the city called Embiggen Books. Such a cute store and such a great read!

FOUR: My cute little lamp from none other than Ikea. Don't we all love Ikea!

So there you have it. X

#STYLESESH with Hooray Magazine!


Last month I was lucky enough to be involved with the #StyleSesh class that Hooray Magazine hosted in Melbourne.

It was so much fun! Not only did the amazing Amber from Sweetpea Darlingheart teach a class full of keen bakers/party planners/desert enthusiasts about how to bake and create a stunning sweets table for their party or wedding, there were also a handful of talented people working behind the scenes making the day one to remember!

The class was held in the gorgeous Raw Materials Studio in Footscray. A big industrial type space full of recycled wood and old wine barrels, this place is literally the ideal wedding venue. Elizabeth was such a gracious host and truly went out of her way to make sure the day ran smoothly.


The wonderful Sooti Events styled the venue, making sure it was full of colour, sparkle and most importantly: confetti. I loved the way Thetis just came in with her team and worked her magic!

Neiyo from Neiyo Photography is responsible for all these stunning images your eyes are seeing. She was a true whiz with the camera and captured every moment beautifully. What a pro.

And last but not at all least, C2 - Wedding Videography were there to catch it all. And did so perfectly.

What an awesome day and I'm so happy I was a part of it. Thank you to everyone involved as it went so smoothly.






P.S After the class finished I went back and wrapped all the flowers for the students to take home - I would have to say that was the highlight of my day, seeing the smiles on everyones face!



D.I.Y - Tips and tricks for flower arranging

I often get asked about flower arranging and how to do it. It's something I struggle to answer as I have been doing it for so long its just second nature (pun!).

The first things you need to decide when arranging your blooms are 1) what look/style do I want to achieve and 2) what do I have to work with.

If you are going for a more contemporary, modern look stick with three to five different types of flowers/foliage and the idea is to "group" the materials. If you want that rustic, "I just threw this together with flowers from my garden" look then go wild. Use as many blooms as you can get your hands on and just tell yourself "there are no rules". The look is messy, wild, organic, so you can't really go wrong!

Now where to start? Get your materials together and start to imagine the look you are wanting...



Make sure you re-cut any stems that you use. Flowers and foliage seal over and need to be snipped to let fresh water up the stem. (TIP- Always recut stems every 2 days to ensure you get the best life out of your blooms, cut on angle and if you are using hard stems, figs, hydrangea etc bash the ends to allow them to drink easier)



I always find it best to start with your fullest foliage or flowers first. Imagine it's like a base. You need to have a good base to start anything and this goes for flower arranging too. From here you work in your other flowers and they will sit where you want as the base stems will help to secure them in.


And we are done! As you can see I have grouped my flowers yet they also travel through slightly into each other. But thats just me and how I felt it looked best with the materials I had.

Now for the opposite look - jam jars and bottles! Very popular at the moment and anyone can do this. Its literally just "cut and shove". However when starting out, try making little cluster posies in your hangs then putting them into the jars. Even tie them off if you need too.


Now it's your turn, have fun!