Mixology shoot for the holiday edition of Hooray Magazine

A while back the talented styling guru of Melbourne, aka Sooti, aka my mate and I got together to create something fun, bright, tropical, yummy and summer time friendly for the holiday edition of Hooray magazine. The result, was good!

We had the lovely and talented Alison take snaps and here are a few of my faves!

Enjoy x

D.I.Y - Tips and tricks for flower arranging

I often get asked about flower arranging and how to do it. It's something I struggle to answer as I have been doing it for so long its just second nature (pun!).

The first things you need to decide when arranging your blooms are 1) what look/style do I want to achieve and 2) what do I have to work with.

If you are going for a more contemporary, modern look stick with three to five different types of flowers/foliage and the idea is to "group" the materials. If you want that rustic, "I just threw this together with flowers from my garden" look then go wild. Use as many blooms as you can get your hands on and just tell yourself "there are no rules". The look is messy, wild, organic, so you can't really go wrong!

Now where to start? Get your materials together and start to imagine the look you are wanting...



Make sure you re-cut any stems that you use. Flowers and foliage seal over and need to be snipped to let fresh water up the stem. (TIP- Always recut stems every 2 days to ensure you get the best life out of your blooms, cut on angle and if you are using hard stems, figs, hydrangea etc bash the ends to allow them to drink easier)



I always find it best to start with your fullest foliage or flowers first. Imagine it's like a base. You need to have a good base to start anything and this goes for flower arranging too. From here you work in your other flowers and they will sit where you want as the base stems will help to secure them in.


And we are done! As you can see I have grouped my flowers yet they also travel through slightly into each other. But thats just me and how I felt it looked best with the materials I had.

Now for the opposite look - jam jars and bottles! Very popular at the moment and anyone can do this. Its literally just "cut and shove". However when starting out, try making little cluster posies in your hangs then putting them into the jars. Even tie them off if you need too.


Now it's your turn, have fun!