Last month was a good month!

I was lucky enough to be involved with Finders Keepers Market held at the Royal Exhibition building in Melbourne, and I loved it! 

This market is seriously cool! Its full of awesome designers, foodies, artists and all around creatives. I was put in the Farmers Market Lane which was great because on one side of me I had some delicious australian made tea and to the other, YUMMY chocolates! 

Bump in was so much fun. I had a good friend helping me and we had a blast. It was so cool to set up a space that was all mine, exactly the way I wanted it. I've never wanted to have a shop but I must admit, it was fun to have a shop front that was ALL MINE! 

Im very fortunate to have some awesome friends who support me so I had a lot of visitors! Getting a chance to chat to people about their love of flowers or their up in coming wedding was an experience in itself.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported me and brought my flowers, plants, and just had a good old chat! To my boyfriend who helped me on the Friday night and to bump out, and to the folks from the Finders Keepers Market for letting me be a part of his amazing market. Im looking forward to the next!


Feeling Crafty

So lately I have been all about plants and interesting ways to dress them. Now I'm not claiming to have invented string gardens or concrete planters, these days it's nearly impossible to come up with an original idea. But I do like to think I have put my own spin on to these little cuties.

If anyone is interested I am selling these. Perfect for a gift or to brighten up the house! But also just a treat for the eyes...

Enjoy xIMG_7722IMG_7721IMG_7725IMG_7728

Who doesn't love a good terrarium ?!

Now we all know they are back and ALL the rage! I remember growing up and my Nanna had a terrarium in her hallway. I always thought it was cute, it had a cactus in it, a little figurine of a snail or something..? I just assumed they were one of those things that Nanna's had sitting around the house, something more to dust! But as I've grown and become so much more wise (or just grown), I've become obsessed with these eye treats!

I have two at home and want more! Here are some I've made lately for the shop (bud)

Enjoy x