We Love Gyp

So I know what your thinking, Gypsophlia - so old fashioned!

But you are WRONG! Gyp is beautiful, on mass. There is a big difference.

ie. Gyp dotted through a dozen long stemmed red roses…. NO! But, gyp in bundles thrown into old fashioned ceramics or in hanging balls…YES YES YES!

I had some left over gyp from a wedding last weekend, hung it in the shop, sold it in a couple of hours!

Enjoy x


Who doesn't love a good terrarium ?!

Now we all know they are back and ALL the rage! I remember growing up and my Nanna had a terrarium in her hallway. I always thought it was cute, it had a cactus in it, a little figurine of a snail or something..? I just assumed they were one of those things that Nanna's had sitting around the house, something more to dust! But as I've grown and become so much more wise (or just grown), I've become obsessed with these eye treats!

I have two at home and want more! Here are some I've made lately for the shop (bud)

Enjoy x




C O S M O S !

I don't no if I have said it enough or too much? But I am loving this time of year! And my new FAVOURITE bloom of the week, Cosmos. I cannot get enough of it.

Its so wild yet pretty, delicate and fluffy, and the colours are amazing! i think if was to get married tomorrow, it would be all I would use! (I will also be saying this come spring when the gorgeous Flannel flower comes out)

So have a look and enjoy x