C O S M O S !

I don't no if I have said it enough or too much? But I am loving this time of year! And my new FAVOURITE bloom of the week, Cosmos. I cannot get enough of it.

Its so wild yet pretty, delicate and fluffy, and the colours are amazing! i think if was to get married tomorrow, it would be all I would use! (I will also be saying this come spring when the gorgeous Flannel flower comes out)

So have a look and enjoy x






Planning planing planing!

So in one weeks time I'm flying back home to beautiful New Zealand to watch one of my best friends get married! And the best part of all... I'm her florist! It's my first full wedding I'll be doing on my own and I can't be more happier that it's for the lovely Aishleen!

So, back to the drawing board but here's a little teaser.. Think soft, pastels, David Austin's, wild hydrangea, lavender and garlands of asparagus fern.. Photos to come!