A few of my favourite things...


Just a short but sweet post on a few bits and pieces that I am LOVING at the moment. Enjoy and share around if you wish!


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ONE: My lovely turquoise teapot set from T2. This was gifted to me from a good friend on my first birthday in Melbourne. I had few friends and was working all day and we put our snips and flowers down for an hour and had a lovely cake and tea. From here my tea obsession started and now I love it!

TWO: My cute mason jars with a metal holder from Matchbox. These also came with lids that have a hole in the top that fit a re-usable straw. These are ideal for smoothies and juices. I make one each night before bed when I have a really early market start. Yum!


THREE: The wonderful book "The Language of Flowers: A Miscellany" by Mandy Kirkby. This particular copy was purchased by a lovely bookstore in the city called Embiggen Books. Such a cute store and such a great read!

FOUR: My cute little lamp from none other than Ikea. Don't we all love Ikea!

So there you have it. X